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Our mission is to create the best golf experiences possible! We do our research and take care of all the details. As avid golfers ourselves, we know the game is all mental and the last thing you need is to worry about other aspects of your vacation. Leave the planning to us so you can focus on hitting the fairway.


During the tough reality of Covid-19, we were stuck at home behind our desks texting each other about past golf trips and where we most wanted to go next. We were struck by the reality that planning our next golf trip was becoming an extra job. We have been on many and planned countless more, we got pretty damn good at getting all of the details right.


We grew up playing golf together in Rhode Island. A short golf season to be sure. Our founder, Rob Royall moved to Florida in 2011 and rubbed the year round opportunity for golf in the rest of our faces. Since then we have been addicted to golf travel.

We are a tour operator, event company and travel agent. Let us take our experience and passion to create memorable golf trips and help plan your next golfing adventure!


Golf Course with Lake



Matt, Rob & Ryan (left to right)

Rob Royall

"My dad introduced me to the game when I was 8 years old and I was almost beating him by the time I was 12. Once I started playing competitively in high school, I became addicted to improving my game. Finding relative success at this level and in some regional tournaments, I tried walking on to my Division-2 collegiate team. In tryouts, I played some of the worst golf of my life. Mentally shaken up, I strayed away from the game for a couple years. It wasn't until someone invited me out to a charity scramble tournament that I picked the game back up. The offer to 'just mess around and drink some beers' shifted my focus from trying to be competitive, to just having some fun. I've since found a great balance between the fun and competitive aspects of the game and am enjoying it now more than ever."

Matt Rodrigues

"I grew up playing baseball so golf wasn't on my radar until after my high school playing days were behind me. The transition wasn't easy, but the challenging nature of golf keeps me striving to improve. After playing almost 10 years now, I have seen my slice evolve into a draw and my 3-putts are 'almost' nonexistent. The satisfaction from improving my golf game is one thing, but the way it brings people together is what I enjoy most. My passion for golf comes from the laughs shared and memories made with family and friends. Without them, I would be taking a 'gimme' on every hole."


Ryan Barry

"I've been a passionate golfer from a young age, learning from my father. Golf has always been a huge part of my life. I started off caddying at the local club, and playing competitively in regional tournaments. My high school career was solid and I was the only freshman starter, eventually working my way up to the top spot on the team. Despite my competitive days being behind me, I've found more enjoyment playing casual rounds with friends and taking unforgettable trips with the guys. The game has always been good to me."

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